How to Organize a Small Vanity for Spacious Storage

Indeed, it’s not easy when you are dealing with a small vanity. You have to properly organize it so you can have a spacious storage station and a gorgeous overall look.

Below, we share with you some quick steps on how to organize a small vanity that you can really try!

How to Organize a Small Vanity

How to Organize a Small Vanity
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Always add a countertop organizer

As the name suggests, this type of storage station does a very good job of neatly organizing your bathroom stuff on your vanity. You can conveniently store your small things like makeup brushes, beauty blenders, and so on.

Choose glass or mirrored countertop organizers that will brighten up your small vanity.

Install a hanging shelf

A hanging shelf is a great solution to extend storage space when you have a small vanity. If you are handy enough, simply grab a thin and sleek wood plank and install it over the faucet. A hanging shelf will provide a nice storage station without taking the space on the countertop.

Divide the drawers

One mistake that a lot of homeowners do in using their vanity drawers is that you just directly store everything inside. To handle this issue, add some dividers inside the drawers so each category of the items has its own home. Installing drawers can actually make your drawers feel more spacious.

Hang a small cabinet

Invest in a small cabinet that you can hang on top of the vanity to add more storage station and more aesthetic touch around. They are good to handle perfumes, hand soap, and cotton swabs. This is a good method to improve storage in your bathroom if your vanity doesn’t come with a countertop.

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Only display your favorites

Of course, you can’t really showcase everything when you have a tiny bathroom vanity. Pick your favorite items or the ones that you use daily on the countertop and keep the rest in the drawers or cabinets.

Repurpose your kitchen items

If you have some small bowls or plates which look decorative enough, use them to complete your bathroom vanity. They can work as additional storage stations and give a more distinctive touch to the overall look of the room.

Check other possible spaces

Running out of space in your vanity? Don’t give up. Start checking out the other parts of your bathroom which can into storage stations.

The most popular options are the surface of your toilet and the windows of the bathroom. You can place a wood tray or rack on top of the toilet to place some hand soaps. The window can surprisingly become an open shelf to display your perfumes, body lotion, etc.

Add a matching set

A matching set is a perfect choice for you who want to have a nice harmonious look around your small vanity. There’s no need to try to get a matching set once you buy a matching set.

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