How to Decorate Windowless Bedroom in a Chic and Cozy Way

Of course, when you have a bedroom without any windows, your job to decorate it becomes way more difficult. You may end up making it look and feel less inviting if you don’t carefully choose the color, lighting, and decor items.

How to Decorate Windowless Bedroom
Photo by Ferenc Keres on Pixabay

Lucky for you, there are some tricks that you can apply to beautifully and comfortably decorate a windowless bedroom. You don’t have to worry about feeling cramped when you have some rest in your tiny bedroom.

Below, we share with you a brief tutorial on How to Decorate Windowless Bedroom that you can follow easily in no time.

How to Decorate Windowless Bedroom

Add some mirrors

When it comes to the tiny and gloomy bedroom, the easiest way to make it feel more spacious is to add some mirrors to its decor. They can give a sense of openness, especially when your bedroom doesn’t have any windows around.

You can either hang a huge mirror on one of your bedroom’s walls which is enough to create an airy nuance or place the smaller ones in several spots to brighten it up.

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Choose light colors

Of course, you can’t go with dark colors when you got a bedroom with limited space which happens to have no windows at all. It’s not a wise idea, or you might need to give more effort if you choose to do so.

White is always the easiest option to brighten up a windowless and you will never go wrong to choose an all-white decor. In fact, if you paint the walls and ceiling the same color, the room will appear larger.

Hang a large wall art

Instead of placing too many decor items that may overcrowd your small bedroom, you can simply hang one single wall art in large dimensions. A large wall art can become the main focal point of the room which focuses everyone’s attention and break up the space of the wall.

Further, consider choosing a light-colored painting with clean-lined frames that will flow beautifully with the minimalist style of the room.

Lighting it up properly

Since you don’t any windows at all, you can only depend on artificial lights to brighten up. Besides the main lighting feature like the ceiling light, it would be great to create a layering light in a windowless bedroom.

Sconces and floor lamps can be some good additions to complete the lighting fixture in your tiny bedroom. Make sure that you brighten up every corner of the room.

Place some indoor plants

To freshen it up, complete the decor of your windowless bedroom with some indoor plants. They don’t only help to make the room feel fresher but also give natural tones, textures, and patterns that enhance the beauty of the room’s overall look.

Install fake window

This may sound odd, but adding a fake window with curtains is a good idea to make your windowless bedroom feel cozier. It gives more texture and dimension to the decor of the room in a unique way.

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