How to Clean Gum from Carpet Quickly All by Yourself

Fun fact, more than 100,000 tons of gums are consumed every single year, and sometimes, some of them may end up on your beautiful carpet. As you may have been aware, gum on the carpet is one of the trickiest problems that you have to deal with.

How to Clean Gum from Carpet
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But no worries, you can handle the problem all by yourself by using some home easy supplies, so the hope is actually still there. The steps are not really that difficult that you can get done in no time.

There are some options that you can keep in mind when it comes to dealing with gum on the carpet. One option may be enough to solve everything, if not, then you can continue to the next steps.

Just keep scrolling to check out our easy tutorial on how to clean gum from carpet below.

How to Clean Gum from Carpet

Prepare these supplies:

  • Commercial carpet cleaner
  • Ice cubes
  • Plastic bag or seal sandwich bag
  • Hair dryer
  • WD-40
  • White vinegar
  • Blunt scraper
  • Paper towel

Follow these steps:

Apply carpet cleaner

Carpet cleaner can always be the first aid that you can look up to when you got some gums on your beloved carpet. The one which is formulated to deal with tough stains (like paint) is always the best option to deal with gum.

In general, you can always follow the steps on the manufacturer’s instructions, but below are some steps to consider:

  • Spray the carpet cleaner directly onto the gum.
  • Leave it for around 5 minutes.
  • Use a scraper to remove the gum. Never use a sharp object like a knife to do this step, you can use a spatula instead.

Use extreme temperature

Extreme temperatures both heat and cold can work really well to handle gum stains on the carpet. A hairdryer and packed ice are two methods that you can keep in mind.

Just follow the steps below:

Ice cubes

  • Place some ice cubes in a plastic bag or sealed sandwich bag.
  • Press the ice bag on the gum stains until it gets hardened.
  • Scrape the gum on the carpet surface.
  • Clean up the area with the carpet cleaner.
  • Blot it with paper towels.

Hair dryer

  • Set your hairdryer to the highest temperature.
  • Blow the hot air directly a few inches over the gum and you will see that the gum starts to melt.
  • Scrape the melted gum with a blunt scraping tool or paper towel.
  • Clean up the stained area with the carpet cleaner. and dry everything.

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Removing difficult stains

For difficult stains, one of the methods above may not be enough to handle the gum problem, so you can try to combine two methods or more.

If the gums are still there after you have tried everything, use WD-40. This product can work as a carpet cleaning solvent to deal with gum. Another alternative to removing difficult gum stains is white vinegar.

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