How to Choose the Right Scented Candles That Suits You Best

Scented candles are perfect additions to make your relaxing time after a long exhausting day, for sure. The aroma that hits you can create some kind of soothing mood that you don’t know you really need.

With tons of options that you find in the market, it could be quite difficult to find a scented candle that perfectly suits your need. That’s why we provide you with a brief guide on How to Choose the Right Scented Candles for your reference.

How to Choose the Right Scented Candles

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Learn the ingredients

In general, scented candles are made of essential oil or perfume oil which is mixed with wax. What makes each candle different from the other is what type of oil they use. It will strongly determine the scent that you will get.

Keep in mind that the price of the candle is not always about the quality you will get. You might find that some luxurious candles are not really better than the more affordable ones.

If you happen to buy the candles from a DIY maker, you can ask them what kind of oils are used to scent the candles, and the questions go on to what expectation you will get. The candles that you find in shops or supermarkets should have ingredients labels on their packaging, and you can learn the materials there.

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Ask yourself

Once you have learned the ideal ingredients that you want your candles to be made of, you can start asking yourself some questions that will further narrow down the options.

The following questions can be asked before you visit the local candles shop to get yourself prepared.

  • What kind of mood that you want your candles to soothe you?
  • How is the surrounding of your place?
  • Who you are staying with?
  • Do you need different candles to light up all day long or the same ones are enough?

The following questions are the main points that you should ask yourself first when you are shopping for scented candles:

  • Does the smell make you happy once you inhale the aroma?
  • Does the smell remind you of anything or anyone?
  • Would it actually soothe my anxiety every day?

Imagine the smell

For you who prefer to buy the candles online or couldn’t find the best nearby candle shops, you can try to imagine the smell that suits you well. Some experts suggest referring to different seasons of the year to best imagine the smells of scented candles.

The smell of the summer

Summer is all about warmth and brightness which makes you feel more lively and cheerful. The vibrant flowers, greeneries, and fruits are the smell that will take you back to this holiday season.

The smell of spring

Spring is the beginning where days start to look brighter and feel warmer after the freezing season. Sweet florals and musky wood are the key points to creating an enchanting spring vibe.

The smell of winter

During winter, you might light up your scented candles while warming up yourself in front of your firepit. To accompany this kind of vibe, candles with spicy and woody scents are the best options.

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