How to Choose Home Office Chair | WFH Buying Guide

Some of you happen to work from home today which makes you have to turn your bedroom into an office. You should still finish those deadlines from the comfort of your home.

How to Choose Home Office Chair
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Of course, comfortable pieces of furniture are essential to boost your productivity, especially the chair. You should ensure that the chair is cozy enough for you to sit for hours and hours every single day.

Below, we have compiled a step-by-step guide that will help you to get the best office chair for your WFH setup.

How to Choose Home Office Chair

Adjustable height

It’s highly important for you to get an office chair that comes with an adjustable height feature. It can provide comfort based on your own body height which is essential.

An office chair with a pneumatic adjustment lever allows you to set the seat higher or lower. The best position is that your thighs should be in line horizontally to the floor.

Adjustable backrests

Besides the height, the backrest of your home office chair should be able to adjust your posture and seating position. It should allow you to position your backrest in a convenient way.

The chairs which come with attached backrests should be able to move forward or backward. You can also find the ones with separate backrests which allows you to adjust the height and angle comfortably.

Lumbar support

Always pick an office chair that comes with a contoured backrest to support your back comfortably when you have to sit for 8 hours long. The good lumbar support should match the natural posture of your spine.

The best way to check whether the chairs come with good lumbar support is to try them directly. Ensure that the lumbar support of the chairs can minimize the strain in your spine.

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Dept and width

Just like lumbar support, the depth and width of the seat should follow the individual’s body type. Both features should let you sit comfortably, The taller you are, the deeper seat that you need.

When you sit, you should have around 2 to 4 inches between your knees and the seat.

Cozy padding

Comfortable padding should allow you to breathe well when you sot for a long time every day. There are some materials that provide this kind of comfort, and the fabric is always a good option.

Avoid choosing padding that is too soft since it won’t give you enough support or is too hard which can be painful when you sit for hours.

Check other comforting parts

There are some parts of the chair that provide great comfort, such as:

  • Adjustable armrest – An adjustable office chair with armrests is a worth-buying one. It will let your arm sit comfortably.
  • Swivel and casters – Both of these features allow you to reach your stuff conveniently since you can move around without standing up.
  • Easy controlĀ – All of the features of your office chair mean nothing if you can’t control them easily. Ensure that you can reach the control while you are sitting.

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