Bedroom Decor 101 | How to Choose Bedroom Cupboard

A bedroom cupboard can provide spacious space to store your personal stuff, so it’s always a good idea to include it into your bedroom decor. You can store your clothes and accessories conveniently.

How to Choose Bedroom Cupboard
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Just like choosing other bedroom furniture, you need to consider some points before purchasing a cupboard. You have to find the one which really suit your needs and taste.

Check out some points that you can consider to get the best bedroom cupboard for your buying reference.

How to Choose Bedroom Cupboard

When it comes to choosing a bedroom cupboard, in general, you will need to choose the type of structure. There are two common options which are free-standing and built-in. Each one of them has plus and minus points which may or may or may not suit your needs.

Here’s what you can keep in mind:

Free-standing bedroom cupboard

As the name implies, free-standing bedroom cupboards are designed to be simply placed on the floor which offers you better portability.


  • Due to its great portability, you can regularly move a free-standing cupboard anywhere. Some of them even come with caster wheels which provide more convenience. That’s why it’s a very good option if you tend to frequently change your bedroom decor.
  • If you prefer to have a matching look in your bedroom decor, a freestanding cupboard is a better option since most of the bedroom set includes this type of furniture.


  • In a small bedroom, freestanding cupboards can take up a lot of space since it needs their own floor space. You need to eliminate other bedroom decor or furniture to fit a freestanding cupboard in a bedroom with limited space.
  • Some of you may need a particular size of a cupboard which makes it quite difficult to find the most suitable one since freestanding bedroom cupboards are mostly manufactured and can’t be customized. You might need to prepare an extra budget to find a custom freestanding bedroom cupboard.

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Built-in bedroom cupboard

This type of bedroom cupboard is permanently planted on the wall of your bedroom which allows you to have more space around.


  • You can freely customize the design and size of the built-in bedroom cupboard to suit your needs and taste. they are available in a wide range of shapes, materials, and finishes.
  • A built-in cupboard is great to complete a narrow bedroom since it doesn’t take up any flooring area. You can fit a lot of your stuff without worrying about the space available inside your bedroom.


  • In general, a built-in bedroom cupboard is designed to fit the initial measurement of the wall where you’d like to install it. This circumstance doesn’t limits your chance to move a built-in cupboard when you have to.
  • A built-in cupboard is specifically designed ti suit your needs which makes it can be quite pricey. You may also need to pay for delivery and installation.

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