25+ Stylishly Refreshing Green Living Room Ideas to Steal

One of the hardest things that you will face in decorating your living room is choosing a particular shade for its main or even the pop-up color. Since color is the essential element of a room’s decor, you have to think carefully before deciding to pick one.

Besides working as a huge influence of the overall look of your living room, each color also has its own characteristic which plays our psychological side. It has a certain effect to determine your mood when you stay inside your living room which may or may not suit your needs.

In other words, if you want to have a living room which looks so beautiful and feels so comfortable at the same time, you have to know the character of each option available. You can’t just choose one shade just because it looks catchy, but you also have to consider its ability to give a comforting atmosphere inside.

Green is always a good color that you can include on your top list due to its good characteristics. It will never fail to make your living room look so gorgeous with the refreshing nuance that everyone will surely love. Whether you use it as the background color or pop-up one, green will always decorate your living room in a very admirable way.

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For your inspiration, check out tons of awesome green living room ideas that you can use your ultimate reference.

Best Green Living Room Ideas

Green Living Room: Modern Victorian Decor

Green Living Room: Modern Victorian Decor

Deep green colorizes all sides of the wall in this living room which create a catchy elegant overall look. The walls come with details which reminds you of the Victorian home decor. To complement it, two vintage chairs fully tufted style in green work as the main focal point of the room. The floral rug as the centerpiece of the decor gives a festive pattern which makes the room feel more natural.

Green Living Room: Gorgeous Festive Decor

Green Living Room: Gorgeous Festive Decor

The emerald green walls of this living room are made in an exposed brick style which looks uniquely gorgeous. The sofa, throw pillows, rug, and event a huge wall art also come in shades of green which stunningly decorate the room. Some indoor plants also complete the decor which even freshens up the atmosphere inside in a very beautiful way.

Green Living Room: Stunning Earthy Decor

Green Living Room: Stunning Earthy Decor

The brown leather sofas work as the main focal points of this living room with a deep green background color. The combination of those colors creates a cozy earthy nuance which is so inspiring to copy. To brighten up the room white colorizes the ceiling and furry white rug are chosen. Then, a round coffee table in gold simply glamorizes the overall look of the decor.

Green Living Room: Stylish Cozy Decor

green living room 4

If those living rooms with deep green background color don’t suit your needs, then this idea can be a good inspiration for you. Mint green is the main color of this living room which makes this look softly colorful. A sofa in the bolder shade of green harmoniously decorates the room while becoming the main sitting spot. The other decor elements come in more neutral shades to let the background color of the room pop up perfectly.

Green Living Room: Chic Earthy Decor

Green Living Room: Chic Earthy Decor

In this idea, matte mint green colorizes all sides of the wall with an L-shaped sectional in beige is the main focal point of the room. Those colors make this living room look softly bright with a very comforting nuance. A rug as the centerpiece of the decor gives more pattern which instantly enhances the attractiveness of the decor.

Green Living Room: Elegantly Relaxing Decor

green living room 6

Here, an accent wall in pastel green gives a more colorful touch to a living room with white domination. It makes the room look much catchier but still keeps the relaxing atmosphere inside very well. The black sofas as the major focal point add bold color in a very elegant way. Moreover, the tiles with earthy stone texture cover the flooring section to give a more natural vibe.

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Green Living Room: Stylish Small Room

green living room 7

An inspiring idea for you who have a living room with narrow dimensions, and it looks so gorgeous with its mint green accent wall. The color simply give a soft yet catchy color to the white walls and ceiling of the room. The neutral-colored focal points which include grey sofa, off-white jute rug, and coffee table in concrete finish are chosen which give the elegant touch. To make it look more attractive, some earthy-themed decorate the accent wall which even grabs more attention.

Green Living Room: Chic Vintage Decor

green living room 8

For you who love a more classic look, this living room can be a good idea that you can copy. Soft green colorizes all sides of the wall with white balancing it. The classic sofas, vintage coffee table, and rustic cabinets are the main focal points which beautifully decorate the room. The style of the windows and doors also enhance the vintage vibe of the decor in a very admirable way.

Green Living Room: Bold Festive Decor

green living room 9

Though this living room is quite small, the decor makes it look so striking with boldly festive nuance. An L-shaped leather sectional in deep brown is the main sitting area which boldly colorizes its matte green background color. Some framed photographs are hung which makes it look way much catchier. It’s definitely an easy way to make your narrow living room looks so attractive.

Green Living Room: Gorgeous Catchy Decor

green living room 10

Green is definitely the main color of this living room which is applied to the walls alongside the drapes and chairs. The secondary color is beige which makes the room look brighter yet feel warmer at the same time. Some throw pillows and flower then add more rich color to the decor gorgeously.

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Just keep scrolling to find more green living room ideas that will totally inspire you!

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green living room 20

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Eventually, those are the best green living room ideas that we have picked just for you. They look so chic and feel cozy which make them so worth to add to your inspiration list when you have a plan to decorate or redecorate your very own living room.

Green is always a considerable color that you can keep in mind to style up your living room. It always creates a very admirable overall look and gives a very refreshing nuance due to its nice characteristics. You can choose the deeper shade for a bold look or the softer one if you want to make your living room feels more relaxing.

Of course, the choice is yours to pick the shades of green that you want to use as the main or pup-up color of your living room. Hopefully, our list of green living room ideas can help you to find the one which really suits your needs and taste.

Just pick the best green living room idea that you really love and start decorating your very own living room now!

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