Farmhouse Living Room: 25+ Chic Inspirations You’ll Love

There is no doubt that farmhouse style is one of the most popular options when it comes to home decorating. It’s a decor which looks stylish and feels so cozy at once.

The basic characteristics of farmhouse decorating style are traditional, raw, and warm. All the elements of the decor come with natural finishes, gorgeous texture, and chic pattern which are combined in a very beautiful way.

It becomes everyone’s favorite today as the alternative for those who prefer a more decorative decor than the minimalist one. You will feel a very exhilarating nuance inside a room with farmhouse decor due to its own uniqueness.

Some homeowners and designers sometimes make it look more modern by adding modern pieces of furniture, decor items, and accessories to a farmhouse decor. It’s a considerable way to suit the farmhouse decor with the latest trend.

Since farmhouse decor is all about practical and handy stuff, you can decorate it with things that you can make by yourself by using easily available materials. If you are a handy DIYer, it’s so okay for you to add your own unique decor items to style up a farmhouse decor.

Therefore, styling up your living room with farmhouse decor is definitely a good consideration to  keep  in mind. You will have a comfy living room which looks so admirable.

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For that, we created this list of farmhouse living room ideas that you will totally adore.

Best Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Farmhouse Living Room: Neutral and Earthy

farmhouse living room 1

White dominates this farmhouse living room which is applied to the walls and ceiling. A grey sectional then becomes the main focal point which gives another neutral touch. To make it look more attractive, the rustic farmhouse coffee table and beige rug complete the decor.

Farmhouse Living Room: Shades of Grey

farmhouse living room 2

Grey is always a good color option to make a farmhouse living room look more modern. In this idea, the walls are finished in light grey while the furniture in darker grey is made as the focal point. The jute rug and distressed wood table give a chic texture in a very beautiful way.

Farmhouse Living Room: Modern Earthy Decor

farmhouse living room 3

The rocky fireplace mantel, jute rug, and wood furniture and flooring create a mesmerizing earthy nuance in this farmhouse living room. A black sectional as the focal point give a bold color and modern touch stylishly. White is used as the background color which brightens up and soothes the nuance of the room.

Farmhouse Living Room: Warm Woody Decor

farmhouse living room 4

Wood planks cover the wall of this living room which creates a distinctive overall look in a very natural way. The pieces of furniture and accessories in white look striking among those warm hues. It’s a good reference for you who want to make a unique farmhouse decor all by yourself.

Farmhouse Living Room: White Rustic Decor

farmhouse living room 5

An inspiring farmhouse living room with white beadboard wall which is so worth to add to your ultimate reference. It creates a unique rustic nuance which looks so gorgeous. The wood flooring in natural finish then enhances the attractiveness of the decor very well.

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Farmhouse Living Room: Brightly Beautiful Decor

farmhouse living room 6

Here, white colorizes the walls and ceiling with those white chairs as the focal point which make the room look so bright. The rustic and earthy element gives a warmer tone but still keeps the brightness of the decor beautifully.

Farmhouse Living Room: Simple Earthy Decor

farmhouse living room 7

Jute and wood element give a chic earthy touch to this living room with white domination. The room looks so simple but stylish enough to amaze everyone.

Farmhouse Living Room: Decorative White Decor

farmhouse living room 8

White colorizes the wood flooring and wall of this farmhouse living room which make it look so bright with a more decorative nuance. Wood elements and indoor plan give a more colorful touch without bringing other additional colors which are enough to style it up attractively.

Farmhouse Living Room: Bright Stylish Decor

farmhouse living room 9

The pieces of furniture in various styles become the catchy focal point inside this farmhouse living room with white background color. Lots of glass windows then let the natural light to come in which makes the room look much brighter and feel so airy.

Farmhouse Living Room: Fresh Earthy Decor

farmhouse living room 10

This farmhouse living room looks so catchy with its earthy elements which include rattan, wood, and some indoor plants. The grey and black sofa with the whitewashed ethnic rug become the main focal points which complement its white wall and ceiling fabulously.

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Just keep scrolling to check out more farmhouse living room ideas to complete your inspiration list!

farmhouse living room 11


farmhouse living room 12


farmhouse living room 13


farmhouse living room 14


farmhouse living room 15

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farmhouse living room 16


farmhouse living room 17


farmhouse living room 18


farmhouse living room 19


farmhouse living room 20


farmhouse living room 21


farmhouse living room 22


farmhouse living room 23


farmhouse living room 24


farmhouse living room 25

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So those are some inspiring farmhouse living room ideas that we have picked just for you. You can use them as the reference when you have a plan to decorate or redecorate your very own living room.

Farmhouse decor is absolutely a good option that you can consider to make your living room look admirable and feel comfortable. It’s the decorating style which becomes so popular these days which are chosen by many homeowners which means that you will follow the trend by choosing it.

Moreover, it’s considered so easy to create so you will not any need from pros. Of course, those ideas will totally help you to find the best farmhouse living room which really suits your needs and taste.

To help you more to decorate a room with farmhouse style, check out some basic tips that you can apply:

Tips to Decorate a Room with Farmhouse Style

Use Neutral Color

The neutral shades like white, grey, or beige are th best options to be used as the background color of a farmhouse decor. If white and grey give a brightly simple overall look, beige give a neutral nuance with a warmer vibe.

The point is, those neutral colors will make the decorative look of a farmhouse decor doesn’t feel too intimidating. Moreover, it’s good to make a farmhouse decor look more modern.

Bring Vintage Stuff

The pieces of furniture, decor items, and accessories in vintage style are the farmhouse decor’s best friends. The vintage sofa and coffee table will be the chic focal points to style up a room with farmhouse style. To complement them, decorate the room with other vintage stuff which will create a nicely harmonious overall look.

Add Earthy Elements

The earthy elements like wood, concrete, and indoor plant will give a rustic touch which beautify those vintage elements of a farmhouse decor. They are great to style up a room with farmhouse style.

The flooring, furniture, and decor item in natural wood finish are so common to use in a farmhouse decor. The wall with natural concrete finish is also a good idea to consider. Then, the indoor plants not only make a farmhouse decor look more attractive, but they also give a more refreshing vibe.

Just pick the best farmhouse living room idea that you love and start decorating your very own living room now!

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