25+ Admirable Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas with Modern Twist

Some of you may have heard farmhouse decor since it becomes quite famous these days. The popularity of this style is because of its ability to create a very chic overall look and comforting vibe at once that you can create easily without costing you a lot.

The main characters of farmhouse decor are vintage, raw, and earthy which means that you will deal with woods, indoor plants, stones, etc as the main materials to create a farmhouse look. Commonly, a room with farmhouse decor also looks decorative since you will play with some patterns, details, and texture.

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For you who have a plan to decorate your kitchen, farmhouse decor is definitely a good option that you can consider. Check out some inspiring farmhouse kitchen ideas below that you can use as your ultimate reference.

Best Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas: Simple Neutral Decor

farmhouse kitchen ideas 1

White and grey are combined to be the background color of this kitchen with the grey cabinet with white countertop as its focal point, creating a chic neutral overall look. The subway tile backsplash is chosen to give a more decorative touch which complements the nuance of the room. Some indoor plants and vintage decor items then enhance the farmhouse vibe of the decor.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas: Brightly Decorative Nuance

farmhouse kitchen ideas 2

The walls of this kitchen are covered by white wood planks which makes it look attractive in a simpler way. Again, a grey cabinet becomes the main focal point of the room which give a more modern touch to its vintage layout. while the hanging white cabinet even brightens up the room. Moreover, those wall arts decorate the room to give a more fun atmosphere.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas: Festive Rustic Decor

farmhouse kitchen ideas 3

For you who want to have a festive farmhouse kitchen, this idea can be a good reference for you. An exposed brick wall is the main attention grabber which brings the style of this kitchen to a whole new level. The pieces of furniture on natural wood finish then give a more rustic touch to the room with a warm cozy atmosphere. The green island then gives another color to the decor in a very admirable way.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas: Gorgeous Modern Decor

farmhouse kitchen ideas 4

This farmhouse kitchen combines modern and classic style in one decor which looks so tempting to have. The white cabinet and navy island come with details which give a vintage overall design while its glossy finish makes it look more modern. The white subway tile makes the room look more decorative in a more subtle way. Those wood elements then warm up the nuance beautifully.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas: All-White Earthy Nuance

farmhouse kitchen ideas 5

White colorizes the walls, ceiling, cabinet, and island of this kitchen which creates a brightly beautiful overall look with very relaxing nuance. The wood flooring, jute blinds, and vintage chandeliers are the main elements which colorize the kitchen. Some wood planks in white which cover the accent wall and backsplash give a decorative touch but still keeps the simplicity of the decor.

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Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas: Elegant Modern Decor

farmhouse kitchen ideas 6

Though this kitchen is quite small, it looks so mesmerizing with its modern farmhouse decorating style. White is used to dominating the room while black and wood elements colorize it, creating an earthy monochrome overall look. The slates then cover the backsplash section which adds a distinctively attractive touch to the decor. To give a more farmhouse vibe, some indoor plants complete the decor gorgeous.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas: Decorative Chic decor

farmhouse kitchen ideas 7

White subway tiles cover the entire walls of this kitchen which already give a catchy decorative touch. Then, the black cabinet with concrete countertop, wood island with white marble countertop, lots of open shelves which display chic decor items, and some indoor plants decorate the room. All of those elements create a festively beautiful overall look which is so inspiring to copy.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas: Softly Colored Decor

farmhouse kitchen ideas 8

The cabinets and island in soft blue finish colorize this kitchen with white background color and brown earthy tile. They make the room look more colorful with a soft nuance. The exposed wood beams and wood countertop give a warm contrast. For sure, it’s a very good reference to make a farmhouse kitchen look more colorful in a very easy and simple way.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas: Decorative Small Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen ideas 9

Another inspiring idea for you who have a kitchen with narrow dimensions and it looks so mesmerizing with its festive nuance. White wood planks and exposed brick decorate the walls of the room while the soft blue cabinets work as the focal point. The appliances and decor items in vintage style give another style which complements all the elements of the room.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas: Elegant Earthy Decor

farmhouse kitchen ideas 10

In this idea, basic neutral shades which are grey, white, and black dominate the kitchen which looks so elegant. The detail of those pieces of furniture and beadboard detail then enhance the attractiveness of the room. The chandelier in whimsical style makes its own statement in a very stunning way.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas: Gorgeous Earthy Decor

farmhouse kitchen ideas 11

All-white cabinets, white backsplash, and white ceiling harmoniously decorate this kitchen which creates a very admirable overall look. The black countertop and chairs simply give a bold touch around. Tons of wood elements add a warm earthy touch which colorizes the decor in a natural way.

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas: Simple Decorative Decor

farmhouse kitchen ideas 12

White colorizes the cabinet, walls, and ceiling of this kitchen. The beadboard ceiling then makes the decor look more decorative which doesn’t overwhelm the nuance. The wood flooring in natural finish and concrete countertop give a rustic touch to the decor.

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Just keep scrolling to find more farmhouse kitchen ideas that will totally inspire you!

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Just pick the best farmhouse kitchen which really suits your needs and taste and start decorating your beloved kitchen now!

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