Eclectic Bathroom Ideas: 15+ Beautiful Design Inspirations for You

The beauty of eclectic decoration has attracted so many homeowners to style up their home with the style. It’s massively applied to any rooms inside a house in a very mesmerizing way.

The main reason is that eclectic bathroom has its own uniqueness in which there is no boundary to create it. It means that you can add various colors, patterns, textures, style from particular era, and other stuff to create an eclectic decor.

Bringing an eclectic style to your bathroom is absolutely a great idea that you can keep in mind. Eclectic decor will make your bathroom look stunning and feel exhilarating at the same time.

Below, we share you some amazing inspirations for eclectic bathroom that you can use for your reference.

Best Eclectic Bathroom Ideas

Hexagon and Moroccan

eclectic bathroom ideas 1

Here, the black hexagonal tile covers the wall while the BW Moroccan tile handles the flooring. This combination creates a clever mixture of modern and traditional style which makes the room look attractively unique.

Minimalist Decorative

eclectic bathroom ideas 2

For you who love minimalist decor, this eclectic bathroom can be a good reference for you. It combines the black subway tile and geometric tile, creating a stylish modern overall look.

Colorful Botanical

eclectic bathroom ideas 3

A very attractive bathroom with full-print colorful wallpaper and botanical pattern. The geometric mosaic flooring in various colors even enhances the attractiveness of the decor in a very admirable way.

Monochrome Chic

eclectic bathroom ideas 4

This bathroom has a gorgeous monochrome overall look due to its white subway tile and black hexagonal style combination. Then, a teal free-standing vanity with gold hardware add some splash of colors which makes it look way more fabulous.

Rustic Decorative

eclectic bathroom ideas 5

All sides of the wall in this eclectic bathroom are finished in natural concrete look which creates a nice rustic nuance. The main factor which makes it look so distinctive is the application of patchwork tiles on one side of the wall and the shower room. It adds a decorative touch uniquely.

Neutral Beauty

eclectic bathroom ideas 6

White subway tile takes over most space in this bathroom and the grey one gives a neutral touch on the corner of the room nicely. To add more color, blue Moroccan tile covers the flooring and those pink accessories makes it look more colorful.

Fresh Monochrome

eclectic bathroom ideas 7

Another monochrome eclectic bathroom which looks so decorative with its subway tile wall and BW geometric flooring. Some indoor plants decorate the room which gives a refreshing nuance gorgeously.

Green and White

eclectic bathroom ideas 8

The beadboard accent with white marble finish decorates the matte green wall of this eclectic bathroom, creating an elegant overall look. Then, the BW stripe flooring gives a very surprising touch to its decor.

Rustic Moroccan

The rustic wood board adds a warm earthy look to this bathroom which is dominated by white. The 3D subway tile makes it look more attractive with its texture. Then, the Moroccan tile with the matching brown color brings the style of the room to a whole new level.

Brightly Stylish

eclectic bathroom ideas 9

The blue tile with 3D geometric pattern gives a gorgeous contemporary style to the decor of this eclectic bathroom. All sides of the wall, ceiling, and even the fixtures are finished in white to let the color of the flooring look outstanding.

Decorative in White

eclectic bathroom ideas 10

This eclectic bathroom looks so bright with its subway tile wall and polkadot wall both in white finish. The black bathtub and wooden vanity as the focal point add some color in a very elegant way.

Elegant Decor

eclectic bathroom ideas 11

If you are looking for an eclectic bathroom with a calmer and gloomier nuance, this idea is a good reference for you. Matte brown colorizes the wall and decorated with grey wall accent which makes it look catchy but not too intimidating. A classic bathtub with marble base in white looks so outstanding among those deep colors.

Floral in Monochrome

eclectic bathroom ideas 12

A chic eclectic bathroom with the monochrome overall look for you who love simplicity. The floral tile of the flooring gives a surprising decorative touch and style up the decor in a distinctive way.

Girly Decor

eclectic bathroom ideas 13

A pastel pink bathtub with classic design becomes a very stunning focal point in this bathroom with neutral nuance. The flooring with unique geometric tile makes the room look more decorative attractively.

Masculine Vibe

eclectic bathroom ideas 14

Black dominates the decor of this fascinating eclectic bathroom which creates an elegant masculine nuance. The gold and black bathtub as the focal point really grabs everyone’s attention. To make it look more attractive, the geometric tile in black and white finish handles the flooring.

Decorative in Black and White

eclectic bathroom ideas 15

The white subway tile complements the black Moroccan rile in this catchy eclectic bathroom. Such combination creates a decorative nuance with a black and white look in a very inspiring way. Rustic wood furniture and indoor plant give more touch of color without making the decor look too vibrant.

Patchwork Monochrome

eclectic bathroom ideas 16

Black colorizes half of the wall and the rest is handled by white subway tile, creating a unique monochrome nuance in this eclectic bathroom. Moreover, the patchwork tile in black and white finish gives a distinctive decorative touch in a very harmonious way.

Blue and White

eclectic bathroom ideas 17

The combination of pewter blue and white as the background color of this eclectic bathroom creates a stylish overall look which is so inspiring to copy. The 3D subway tile and Moroccan flooring with its gorgeous finish makes the room look more decorative but still makes it harmonious.

Pastel Patchwork

eclectic bathroom ideas 18

Patchwork tile covers the shower and vanity area which adds a unique touch to this bright white and beige bathroom. Its pastel touch keeps the room calm without making it feel too intimidating with its decorative nuance.

Neutral Decorative

eclectic bathroom ideas 19

In this eclectic bathroom, the neutral shades are used as the main background colors. Its white subway tile wall and geometric patchwork tile in neutral finish are the elements which makes it look more decorative.

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