DIY Headboard Ideas: 25 Inspiring Projects to Beautify Your Bedroom

Headboard is always a good addition that you can consider to complete your bed. It has several benefits that can make your bedroom look way more attractive and comfort your rest time.

With its catchy design, a headboard will become one of the main focal points of your bedroom decor, especially if you have the one with sophisticated style. It will make the design of your bedding look way more admirable.

Then, a headboard can comfort your back when you are sitting on your bed. An upholstered headboard provides a fluffy support for your back.

Moreover, some headboards are also designed to be the storage station so you can put some of your bedroom stuff conveniently. They commonly come with shelves, drawers, or trays.

However, some headboards can be quite expensive to buy and since it just works as an addition, many homeowners don’t include it on their shopping list when they decorate their bedroom. They think it’s not really necessary to purchase a headboard due to the budget and function.

Therefore, making a headboard by using cheap materials all by yourself can be a good alternative for you who love DIY projects and have limited budget. You can beautify your bedroom without spending extra money.

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To inspire you, below we share you some adorable DIY headboard ideas that you can use as the reference.

Best DIY Headboard Ideas

DIY Headboard Ideas: Rustic Pallet Headboard

diy headboard ideas 1

Wood pallet is always a good material for a lot of DIY projects and you can make a beautiful headboard out of pallet just like this idea. The design is quite simple but will give a gorgeous rustic touch to your bedroom decor uniquely.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Simple Curtain Headboard

diy headboard ideas 2

An easy headboard in which you only need a curtain pole and a catchy curtain or fabric. It looks so attractive to be a part of your bedroom decor which grabs most of attention.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Greyish Pallet Headboard

diy headboard ideas 3

If you want to have a rustic headboard which fits a modern bedroom decor, this idea should be on the top list. It’s made in a very simple design with the gorgeous greyish finish which will add another style to a modern minimalist bedroom beautifully.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Rustic Headboard with Storage

diy headboard ideas 4

This DIY headboard is made of used door with a crown molding which looks distinctively gorgeous. The molding can work as an open shelf where you can put some bedroom stuff or decor items.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Headboard with Hanging Back Support

diy headboard ideas 24

A unique chic headboard which is made of ceiling trim and stuffed fabric. The stuffed fabric is hung from the trim, providing a cozy back support that you can enjoy. As a bonus, you can also get a shelf to put some frames with your favorite pictures.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Hanging Pillows Headboard

diy headboard ideas 5

This headboard looks quite similar to the previous idea which uses hanging back support. Here, you will need two pillows and hang them by using a curtain rod.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Door Headboard with Canopy

diy headboard ideas 6

A stunning DIY headboard which will bring the style of your bedroom decor to a whole new level. You will need two door panels and finish them with a rustic look. Then, a canopy made of wood pallet and sheer curtains complete the bedding in a very mesmerizing way.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Hanging Door Headboard

diy headboard ideas 7

A simply gorgeous headboard which is perfect for you who have vintage decor items. It’s made of an old door in rustic finish with distressed texture. Then, two vintage sconces decorate the headboard and make it look way more admirable.

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DIY Headboard Ideas: Barn Door Headboard

diy headboard ideas 8

A DIY headboard which is made of a barn door to give a nice country touch to your bedroom decor. You can pair it with some vintage decor items.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Shabby Chic Headboard

diy headboard ideas 9

For you who love shabby chic decorating style, this headboard made of wood pallet with distressed paint is a good option to try. It will become a unique focal point which adds another touch to your bedroom decor.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Woven Wool Headboard

diy headboard ideas 10

This DIY headboard will surely become a catchy focal point with its colorful and unique design. The main material of the headboard is wool which is woven creatively to form a superb headboard.

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DIY Headboard Ideas: Moroccan Style Headboard

diy headboard ideas 11

A catchy headboard which will beautifully complete a bedroom with Moroccan decor. It’s an upholstered headboard which is simply made of a wood board and linen that you can create easily and cheaply.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Woven Plywood Headboard

diy headboard ideas 12

You will only need to woven some plywood sheets to create this admirable DIY headboard. It will give a unique earthy touch which work well both for a modern and classic bedroom decor.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Wood Plank Headboard

diy headboard ideas 13

A simple DIY headboard that you can make in no time all by yourself. You just need to prepare some wood planks in similar size and arrange on your bedroom’s wall. It’s a gorgeous headboard which is good to decorate a minimalist bedroom.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Wood Headboard with Storage

diy headboard ideas 23

A stylish headboard which is made of wood to beautify your bedroom decor. Some trays are installed to provide simple and convenient storage to put some things that you mostly used close to the bed.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Floor to Ceiling Headboard

diy headboard ideas 14

A beautiful headboard made of wood pallet which is designed in floor-to-ceiling style. Two vintage sconces are installed to make it look way more attractive and provide dimming light for your night reading time. It will definitely become an outstanding focal point of your bedroom decor.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Decorative Wood Headboard

diy headboard ideas 15

An attractive DIY headboard which looks decorative with its colorful triangular painting. It’s such a simply creative way to decorate a wood headboard which is so worth to try.

DIY Headboard Ideas: White Pallet Headboard

diy headboard ideas 16

You can always paint your pallet headboard with any finishes that you love, and this one is finished in white to match the overall look of the bed. The design of the headboard is quite simple but it’s enough to make the room look more stylish.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Vertical Wood Headboard

diy headboard ideas 17

Instead of arranging some wood planks in horizontal position to create a headboard, you can try this idea which puts the planks in vertical position. The various heights of the planks make the headboard look distinctively attractive for sure.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Window Shutter Headboard

diy headboard ideas 18

If you have some old window shutters, you can turn them into a unique headboard just like this idea shows. You just need to put them behind your bedding easily. To make it look beautiful in the night, hang some string lights on the shutter then.

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DIY Headboard Ideas: Woven Paper Headboard

diy headboard ideas 19

This DIY headboard is so easy and cheap to make in which you just need to prepare some durable papers and wood. The papers are woven through the wood pole, creating a decorative headboard that will beautify your bedroom decor.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Curtain Canopy Headboard

diy headboard ideas 20

Install one curtain pole on the ceiling and another one on the wall then hang a big curtain to create this headboard and canopy combo. It’s definitely an easy and simple way to make your bedding look so superb.

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DIY Headboard Ideas: Driftwood Headboard

diy headboard ideas 21

A unique headboard which will add a gorgeous earthy touch to the overall look of your bedroom. It’s made of some driftwoods in natural finish which makes it perfect for a bedroom with nautical decorating style.

DIY Headboard Ideas: Chevron Wood Headboard

diy headboard ideas 22

This DIY headboard looks so stylish in a very natural way. It’s a wooden headboard made of pallet in which the planks are arranged to create the chevron pattern. It will give a nice decorative touch to your bedroom decor beautifully.

So those are some mind-blowing DIY headboard ideas that you can add to your inspiration list when you have a plan to decorate your own bedroom. They are quite easy to make which uses easily available and cheap materials.

Adding a headboard to your bedroom decor is never a bad idea since it gives you lots of benefits. Besides its decorative purpose, a headboard also will do a very good job to add comfort to your bedroom.

Pick the best idea which suits your needs, taste, and the overall look of your bedroom now!

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