Colored Bathroom Vanity: 25+ Attractive Ideas You’ll Adore

One of the must-have pieces of furniture inside a bathroom is vanity. It provides ample storage that you can conveniently use to store lots of bathroom stuff.

As part of the room’s decor, vanity always becomes the main focal point which grabs most attention. It always looks striking among the other fixtures, decor items, and accessories of the room.

Today, you can find thousands of vanity in various designs which always look so tempting to have. They are made not only to become the main storage station but also to enhance the attractiveness of your bathroom decor.

Some are designed in modern style while the others look more vintage and the choice depends on your personal taste, needs, and the particular style that you have picked to decorate your bathroom. As the focal point, a vanity should be able to complement the other elements of the room.

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The vanity with vibrant finish can be a good option to consider when you have a plan to give your bathroom a more colorful look. It will give a particular statement that you can use to give another contrast or to harmonize the overall look of your bathroom. In other words, the colored bathroom vanity will never fail to bring the style of your bathroom decor to a whole new level.

Below, we share dozens of most attractive colored bathroom ideas that you will totally love!

Best Colored Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Colored Bathroom Vanity: Mustard Yellow Vanity

colored bathroom vanity 1

A chic vanity in mustard finish looks so striking inside a bathroom with all-white overall look. It gives a catchy bright contrast which enhances the attractiveness of the room’s decor very well.

Colored Bathroom Vanity: Baby Pink Vanity

colored bathroom vanity 2

A pretty bathroom vanity in baby pink finish which gives a soft color touch to the decor gorgeously. The vanity is designed in vintage style with beautiful detail and curves.

Colored Bathroom Vanity: Decorative Navy Vanity

colored bathroom vanity 3

A navy bathroom vanity with diamond pattern looks so fabulous inside a bathroom with white subway tile domination. The pattern complements the decor of the bathroom in a very stylish way.

Colored Bathroom Vanity: Bold Black Vanity

colored bathroom vanity 4

For you who want to have a monochromatic bathroom decor, adding a vanity in black finish to a white bathroom can be a good idea to consider. The golden hardware glamorize the design of the vanity which is enough to make it look way much catchier.

Colored Bathroom Vanity: Light Grey Vanity

colored bathroom vanity 5

A gorgeous bathroom vanity in light grey finish which is perfect to complement a bathroom with neutral decor. Its grey and white marble countertop complements the finish of the vanity perfectly.

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colored bathroom vanity 6


colored bathroom vanity 7


colored bathroom vanity 8


colored bathroom vanity 9


colored bathroom vanity 10

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colored bathroom vanity 11


colored bathroom vanity 12


colored bathroom vanity 13


colored bathroom vanity 14


colored bathroom vanity 15

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colored bathroom vanity 16


colored bathroom vanity 17


colored bathroom vanity 18


colored bathroom vanity 19


colored bathroom vanity 20

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colored bathroom vanity 21


colored bathroom vanity 22


colored bathroom vanity 23


colored bathroom vanity 24


colored bathroom vanity 25

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