Blush Pink Kitchen: 15+ Beautiful Ideas for a Lovely Home

With tons of color options, it can be quite confusing to pick a particular shade to decorate your kitchen. The particular character of each color doesn’t only work for decorative purpose, but also give certain atmosphere that you will feel.

When it comes to the kitchen, you have to choose a color which can make it look and feel inviting at the same time. It’s a hub of a home where you and all the family members or guests can do a lot of things to do which makes it an important room that you have to decorate as proper as possible.

You can choose vibrant or neutral colors as you wish which depends on your taste and need. Both options will give particular kind of vibes inside your kitchen.

One of the most popular options that you can keep in mind is blush pink. It becomes a trend which is chosen by many homeowners to colorize their kitchen.

Blush pink will give a nice color which doesn’t look too neutral or vibrant. Moreover, it’s also easy to combine with other colors, texture, and pattern to make the decor look more attractive.

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Below, we share you tons of beautiful blush pink kitchen ideas that will totally inspire you!

Best Blush Pink Kitchen Ideas

Blush Pink Kitchen: Light Grey and Pink Decor

blush pink kitchen 1

Blush pink colorizes the wall of this kitchen while the cabinet is finished in light grey, creating a gorgeously soft overall look. Then, then subway tile backsplash and decorative rug then gives a more decorative touch to the room’s decor.

Blush Pink Kitchen: Black and Pink Decor

blush pink kitchen 2

Here, the modern cabinet in blush pink finish is made as focal point gives a pretty color touch to the kitchen with black background color. A 5-piece dining set and flooring in natural wood finish beautifies the room in a natural way.

Blush Pink Kitchen: Small Pink Kitchen

blush pink kitchen 3

For you who have a small kitchen, this idea can be a good reference for you. To give a pink touch, the modern cabinet in such finish is chosen. It gives another color to its neutral overall look in a very attractive way.

Blush Pink Kitchen: Decorative Colorful Decor

blush pink kitchen 4

Besides its pink cabinet, the backsplash with chevron pattern in black and white finish is also another attention grabber of the room. The dining set in green finish and black rug then complete the decor attractively. Those elements create a very catchy decorative nuance.

Blush Pink Kitchen: Unique Decorative Kitchen

blush pink kitchen 5

A gorgeous kitchen with soft pink color which looks uniquely decorative with its patchwork backsplash. The cabinet in grey finish adds a nice neutral touch stylishly.

Blush Pink Kitchen: Rustic Modern Decor

blush pink kitchen 6

The walls of this kitchen are colorized by the textured pink finish which gives a pinkish nuance in a more distinctive way. The ceiling trim then decorates the ceiling, adding a vintage touch beautifully. Then, the cabinet and appliances complete the decor with modern style.

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Blush Pink Kitchen: Decorative Black and Pink Decor

blush pink kitchen 7

Counter to ceiling backsplash which is made of black subway tile is combined with the cabinet in blush pink finish which become a chic focal point of this kitchen. The rustic wood flooring and marble countertop add an earthy touch to the room’s decor.

Blush Pink Kitchen: Brightly Decorative Kitchen

blush pink kitchen 8

White dominates this kitchen which creates a brightly beautiful decor. Then, the pink cabinet and grey geometric kitchen colorize it attractively.

Blush Pink Kitchen: Warm Woody Nuance

blush pink kitchen 9

Here, a pink kitchen island is made as the focal point of the room which gives a lovely color touch. The wood flooring and countertop then dominate the decor, giving a warmer hue and atmosphere around the room gorgeously.

Blush Pink Kitchen: Modern Pink Kitchen

blush pink kitchen 10

Flooring and hanging cabinet in pink in modern style stylishly decorate this kitchen. It colorizes the room with grey steel countertop and appliances. Then, the wood flooring warms up the nuance of the room in a very admirable way.

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Blush Pink Kitchen: Pink Floral Decor

blush pink kitchen 11

The combination of white and pink in this kitchen creates a pretty overall look that everyone will love. One corner of its counter-to-ceiling kitchen is decorated with floral pattern which adds a unique decorative touch.

Blush Pink Kitchen: Unique Rustic Decor

blush pink kitchen 12

An accent wall which works as the room’s divider is made in exposed brick style which is finished in soft pink. The wall gives a unique rustic touch with a very lovely color. The cabinet with beadboard design in black finish adds bold color to the decor and fits well with the room’s rustic nuance.

Blush Pink Kitchen: Classic Modern Decor

blush pink kitchen 13

This kitchen looks so stunning with the combination of modern and classic style of its decor. The sleek cabinet in soft pink gives a nice modern touch while the ceiling accent adds a vintage touch. The light grey walls and ceiling let the finish of the cabinet popped up gorgeously.

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Blush Pink Kitchen: Touch of Pink

blush pink kitchen 14

If you want to have a kitchen with a little bit touch of pink, this idea can be a good reference for you. Here, pink is only used to colorize some small cabinets and prep area, but it still looks outstanding since grey dominates the room.

Blush Pink Kitchen: Earthy Colorful Decor

blush pink kitchen 15

This kitchen looks so catchy with various colors are combined in one decor. The floor cabinet is finished in pink which looks so gorgeous with its grey stone countertop. Then, the hanging cabinet in wood finish and green dining table colorize the kitchen in a beautiful earthy way.

Blush Pink Kitchen: Colorful Decorative Kitchen

blush pink kitchen 16

The Moroccan pink flooring and grey backsplash are the elements which give a stunning decorative overall look to this kitchen. Then, the pink and brown cabinet even gives a more colorful nuance to the room’s decor.

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Well, that is the list of beautiful blush pink kitchen ideas that you can use as the reference when you are about to decorate your very own kitchen. They look so admirable with the comfortable atmosphere which make them so inspiring to copy.

Blush pink is definitely a good color option that you can consider to colorize your kitchen. It’s a timelessly beautiful color which will never fail to style up your kitchen and considered easy to combine with other shades, patterns, or even textures.

To ease you to decorate your beloved kitchen with blush pink, below we have some easy tips that you can keep in mind.

Tips to Decorate with Blush Pink

Determine the Portion

When it comes to give a kitchen a particular color, you have to think about its portion. It means that you can make it as a dominant color or just the complementary.

For instance, if you want to make it as a dominant color, you can colorize the walls with blush pink or just choose a focal point like cabinet, island, or dining table in blush pink to add a vibrant touch. It depends on how you want the blush pink will look like in your kitchen decor.

Pair with Neutral Shade

Pairing blush pink with basic neutral shades is a much wiser idea than matching it with the vibrant ones. The neutral shade will beautifully complement the softness of blush pink but also let it popped up perfectly. It will create a very stylish combination that everyone will adore.

Glamorize the Decor

The feminine nuance of a kitchen with blush pink decor will look way more stunning when you add a little bit of drama. You can use the hardware like faucet or cabinet knobs in gold finish which will glamorize it fabulously.

Make it Bright

Of course, you have to provide ample lighting to make the color of your blush kitchen look attractive. Therefore, you can consider to add some additional lighting sources or even install a window to let the sunlight come to the room.

Add Textures and Patterns

Of course, these two elements will never fail to enhance the attractiveness of a room’s decor. For a blush pink decor, you can use natural textures and patterns from earthy elements like wood, brick, rattan, or jute. They will make a blush pink kitchen look more decorative without any needs to use additional colors.

Well, those ideas and tips will totally help you to find and create the blush pink kitchen which suits your needs and taste. Just pick the best idea that you really love and start colorizing your kitchen with blush pink now!

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