25+ Most Popular Bedroom Paint Colors That Will Inspire You

As the trend of bedroom decor keeps changing from time to time, so does the shade that colorizes it. You will find that some particular color options become more popular than one another which is not the same anymore from the trend last year.

Of course, it can be quite confusing to pick one or more shades to become the background color of your very own bedroom. It can be quite overwhelming since those popular colors look so tempting to have so you can’t really decide which one is perfect for you.

For this year, the calm and bold shades are everyone’s favorite rather those vibrant color when it comes to bedroom decor. Blush pink, grey,  teal, and navy are some most popular options which are chosen by many homeowners.

The choice always depends on your need and taste. Each color has its own characteristic which will determine how your bedroom will look and feel like. The color should be able to create a beautiful overall look with a very comforting vibe that will make you love to stay inside the room for hours and hours.

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To ease you to find the right color option to colorize your beloved bedroom, we have picked some inspiring bedroom paint colors ideas that you will totally adore below!

Best Bedroom Paint Colors Ideas

Bedroom Paint Colors: Chic Dusty Pink

bedroom paint colors 1

Instead of brightly vibrant pink, the one with more dusty look is more popular today. It offers a chic overall look with a relaxing atmosphere that you will love. The color fits really well for modern decorating style in which you can pair it with wood tones and basic colors like white or grey.

Bedroom Paint Colors: Warm Beige Beauty

bedroom paint colors 2

Another good option that you can choose to create bedroom decor with a soft warm hue is beige and the shade colorizes all sides the wall of the room here. The color sparks out the earthy tone which never fails to give a cozy atmosphere. That is why you can bring some natural tones inside a room with a beige background color.

Bedroom Paint Colors: Fresh Soft Turquoise

bedroom paint colors 3

For you who want to have a bedroom decor with a more refreshing nuance with the brighter overall look, you can go with soft turquoise. It’s a gorgeous shade to pair with white which can create an exhilarating nautical nuance. To make it look bolder, you can also add the deeper shade of turquoise as the pop-up color.

Bedroom Paint Colors: Elegant Deep Grey

bedroom paint colors 4

Of course, grey is the shade that dominates the home decor magazine these days since it’s a perfect option for the popular minimalist decorating style. The deep grey will give a simple stylish overall look and you can use white to brighten up its nuance. Then, some warm hues like wood tone will make it look more attractive.

Bedroom Paint Colors: Sweet Catchy Peach

bedroom paint colors 5

Peach is the sweet color that will make a bedroom decor look so attractive. It’s a feminine shade which is perfect to create a girly decor which can be a good alternative to pink. Since peach looks quite vibrant, it’s a much wiser idea to complement the color with neutral shades or earthy tones to avoid overwhelming nuance.

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Bedroom Paint Colors: Boldly Stylish Navy

bedroom paint colors 6

There is no doubt that the navy is an everlasting stylish color that will never fail to make a bedroom look so gorgeous. Since the navy may darken the overall look of the room, you can use the shade to colorize an accent wall and let white handles the rest of the room to make it look much brighter.

Bedroom Paint Colors: Chic Deep Green

bedroom paint colors 7

Green is another earthy tone which will make a bedroom look so stylish. It makes the room look colorful in a more elegant way. To balance the nuance of a bedroom with the deep green main color, basic neutral shades like white and grey are good additions to keep in mind.

Bedroom Paint Colors: Masculine with Charcoal

bedroom paint colors 8

Basically, charcoal is the shade which will create a black overall look which makes it perfect for you who want to have a masculine bedroom decor. It can be quite risky to use this option for the background color in which you have to properly brighten it up. Using brighter color like white or grey and installing a big glass window can make a charcoal bedroom look and feel so inviting.

Bedroom Paint Colors: Beautifully Chic Off-White

bedroom paint colors 9

If pure white may seem too boring for you, off-white can be another option to consider. Similar to basic white, off-white will also make the room look brightly beautiful but with a much warmer nuance. Moreover, it’s also a friendly shade that can be easily mixed and matched with other colors that you love.

Bedroom Paint Colors: Stunning Rose Gold

bedroom paint colors 10

A new feminine shade which becomes so popular these days is rose gold. It colorizes the room with a very pretty look with a more shining and dazzling nuance. It creates a more futuristic vibe which is perfect to create a contemporary feminine decor.

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Just keep scrolling to find more bedroom paint colors that will totally inspire you!

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bedroom paint colors 12


bedroom paint colors 14


bedroom paint colors 15


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bedroom paint colors 17


bedroom paint colors 18


bedroom paint colors 19



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bedroom paint colors 21




bedroom paint colors 23


bedroom paint colors 24


bedroom paint colors 25

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So those are the list of most popular bedroom paint colors that we share just for you. You can use them as the reference to create a trendy bedroom decor which follows the trend.

Just pick the best color that you love and start decorating your own bedroom now!

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