25+ Most Inspiring Bathroom Decor Apartment Ideas That You Can Try

Today, you can easily find so many beautiful bathrooms with mesmerizing decoration which always amaze you. The bathroom is no longer just a spot where you do your daily things, but also a room with the exhilarating atmosphere.

Of course, it’s easy when you have a bathroom with wide dimensions since you bring various kinds of fixtures, decor items, and accessories as you wish. You can decorate a large bedroom easily without any having to deal with limited space.

But, when it comes to a small bathroom, you may find some difficulties since you have to properly arrange all elements of the room. You may end up having a bathroom which looks and feels so uninviting to decorate a bathroom with tight space.

The background color which is mostly used for a small bathroom is the basic neutral shades like grey and white. They work really well to make a small bathroom look simply admirable since it doesn’t make the room feel intimidating. Then you can add some earthy tones like wood or greeneries to make it look more attractive.

For the fixtures, it’s a wiser idea for you to pick the ones with a sleek design which doesn’t take a lot of space. Since the room is not large enough, you have to make sure that the air circulates properly by installing a medium window or proper air dehumidifier.

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To inspire you, we have picked tons of adorable bathroom decor apartment ideas that you will love!

Best Bathroom Decor Apartment Ideas

Bathroom Decor Apartment: Decorative White Decor

Bathroom Decor Apartment 1

White dominates this small bathroom which creates a brightly beautiful overall look. The botanical wallpaper and wood flooring colorize the room which makes it look way more decorative. They also make the room feel much fresher with their earthy nuance.

Bathroom Decor Apartment: Decorative BW Decor

Bathroom Decor Apartment 2

The combination of black and white in this small bathroom looks so stylish. It also has a catchy mixture of pattern which enhances the attractiveness of the room in a very harmonious way. Some indoor plants then colorize the monochrome nuance of the room while also freshens the atmosphere inside.

Bathroom Decor Apartment: Decorative Vintage Style

Bathroom Decor Apartment 3

White subway tile wallpaper covers one side of the wall in this small bathroom which gives a chic decorative touch to its white overall look. A soft pink small vanity with beadboard door becomes the main focal point which colorizes the nuance of the room. Of course, it’s a good reference for a girl’s apartment.

Bathroom Decor Apartment: Decorative Monochrome Decor

Bathroom Decor Apartment 4

Another inspiring small bathroom with the combination of black and white which is so worth to add to your inspiration list. It combines white subway tile wall, white beadboard ceiling, and black hexagonal flooring which creates a very stylish overall look. The natural elements then gove some simple hues to make it look much catchier.

Bathroom Decor Apartment: Chic All-White Decor

Bathroom Decor Apartment 5

For you who really love simplicity, choosing an all-white decorating style can be a good idea to consider. In this idea, white tiles with small square texture cover the entire walls and flooring which harmonize its white background color. All the fixtures and decor items also come in a white finish which beautifully complement the room’s nuance.

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Bathroom Decor Apartment: Stunning Earthy Decor

Bathroom Decor Apartment 6

The decor of this small bathroom looks so stunning with the white marble tile which dominates it. The wooden accent wall in the shower area and countertop then adds a warmer hue. Such combination creates a mesmerizing earthy nuance that everyone will surely love.

Bathroom Decor Apartment: Neutral Earthy Decor

Bathroom Decor Apartment 7

The greyish tile with stone texture covers the wall of this small bathroom which gives a more decorative neutral nuance. The wall is painted in beige which gives a warm nuance to its decor. To make it look more decorative, the hexagonal white tiles handle the flooring area. It’s definitely a good reference for you who love minimalist decor with a more decorative overall look.

Bathroom Decor Apartment: Simply Stylish Decor

Bathroom Decor Apartment 8

The domination of white in this small bathroom creates a brightly beautiful overall look with a very inviting vibe. The shower area which covered with grey tile then gives another style to the room’s decor while those black tones make it look more elegant. A huge mirror is installed which even brighten up the room gorgeously.

Bathroom Decor Apartment: Modern Rustic Decor

Bathroom Decor Apartment 9

Wood accent wall and bench in this bathroom with white background color gives a rustic touch in a very beautiful way. The sleek fixtures then add a modern touch to the decor of the room stylishly. To make the room seems bigger, a huge mirror is installed.

Bathroom Decor Apartment: Catchy All-White Decor

Bathroom Decor Apartment 10

Another all-white small bathroom which looks so admirable and this one looks more attractive with its rustic shower area. It’s covered by distressed wood in the white and blue finish which gives a more colorful touch in a more distinctive way.

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Just keep scrolling to find more bathroom decor apartment ideas that will totally inspire you!

Bathroom Decor Apartment 11


Bathroom Decor Apartment 12


Bathroom Decor Apartment 13


Bathroom Decor Apartment 14


Bathroom Decor Apartment 15


Bathroom Decor Apartment 16


Bathroom Decor Apartment 17


Bathroom Decor Apartment 18


Bathroom Decor Apartment 19


Bathroom Decor Apartment 20

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Bathroom Decor Apartment 21


Bathroom Decor Apartment 22


Bathroom Decor Apartment 23


Bathroom Decor Apartment 24


Bathroom Decor Apartment 25
Bathroom Decor Apartment 26

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So those are the best bathroom decor apartment ideas that you can use as the ultimate reference when you have a plan to decorate your very own bathroom. Though they have small dimensions, they still look admirable and feel comfortable at the same time.

Having a small bathroom can be quite tricky since you don’t really have huge space to decorate it and provide it with proper facilities. Of course, those ideas will totally help you to build a gorgeous and cozy small bathroom.

Just choose the best idea and start decorating your own bathroom now!

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