25+ Most Inspiring DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas on a Budget

A backyard is the most exhilarating spot that you can use to do lots of outdoor activities with all the family members and the coming guests. Therefore, you have to make it look as admirable and feel so comfortable as possible.

Of course, it strongly relates to the decor of your backyard itself. All of the elements of the area should be able to create a very attractive overall look and joyful atmosphere.

When it comes to a backyard, the decor is commonly all about the landscaping, fencing, water features, pergola, patio, and the lighting. Those are some popular things which many homeowners choose to decorate their backyard.

The lighting is one of the most important elements which should be installed in your backyard. As you know, the lighting works to brighten up the area. It’s a must-have thing which will make your backyard feel so enjoyable even in the night time.

You can always find tons of lighting products in the market. But, they can be quite expensive, especially if you want to have the one with sophisticated design or you may not find the one which really suits your needs and taste.

As an alternative, you can create your own backyard lighting all by yourself by using easily-available and cheap materials. You will not have to spend a lot to provide proper lighting in your backyard.

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Here, we have picked dozens of inspiring DIY backyard lighting ideas that will totally amaze you.

Best DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas

Backyard Lighting Ideas: Chic Modern Lighting

backyard lighting ideas 1

To brighten up the whole area of your backyard, you can install some string lights on the fence. Hang the light all over the fence to maximally provide the lights around the space. There are tons of string lights design that you can choose to suit the overall look of your outdoor space.

Backyard Lighting Ideas: Long Hanging Light

backyard lighting ideas 2

You just need to prepare a string light then attach it to the fence posts. Install the light across the backyard to properly brighten up the area. For sure, it’s a very easy and cheap way that you can try.

Backyard Lighting Ideas: Square Hanging Light

backyard lighting ideas 3

To create this kind of lights, you have to build four posts which will be used to attach the string lights. Of course, this kind of lighting is enough to provide proper lighting which works for the backyard with small dimensions.

Backyard Lighting Ideas: Unique Earthy Light

backyard lighting ideas 4

The poles of this backyard lighting are made of beech with the concrete base as its platform. Then, you just need to attach some string light. For sure, this backyard lighting will make the decor of your outdoor living space look way more attractive.

Backyard Lighting Ideas: Gorgeous Bamboo Light

backyard lighting ideas 5

The design of this backyard lighting is inspired by bamboo which you can make easily at home. The main materials are PVC pipe and outdoor lamp then you can place them on a big planter. The design of this lighting will give a chic Asian touch to your backyard’s decor,

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Backyard Lighting Ideas: Colorful Bottle Light

backyard lighting ideas 6

Prepare some colored glass bottles and lamps with steel poles to create this catchy outdoor light. The bottles work as the shade of the lamps which will spark attractive colorful lights in the night.

Backyard Lighting Ideas: Hanging Tealight Candle

backyard lighting ideas 7

This one is an effortless and cheap backyard lighting that you can make by using some clear glass bottles, jars, and tealight candles. You just have to put the candles inside the bottle and jar then hang them by using some hooks on your backyard’s fence.

Backyard Lighting Ideas: Hanging Lighten Jars

backyard lighting ideas 8

A very striking backyard lighting which is made of tons of jars and steel or plastic sticks. Install those lights on the wall or fence of your backyard and it will become the main focal point of the decor which will grab most of the attention.

Backyard Lighting Ideas: String Light Shade

backyard lighting ideas 9

In this idea, some string lights are used to be the shade of a small pergola which shades a cozy patio. It outstandingly brightens up the patio which brings its style to a whole new level. It definitely a must-try idea for you who have a small outdoor living space.

Backyard Lighting Ideas: Hanging String Light

backyard lighting ideas 10

If you have a big tree in your backyard, you can use it to hang some string lights just like this idea shows. It will become the main lighting source which is enough to make your backyard feel so enjoyable in the night time.

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Just keep scrolling to find more backyard lighting ideas that will totally inspire you!

backyard lighting ideas 11


backyard lighting ideas 12


backyard lighting ideas 13


backyard lighting ideas 14


backyard lighting ideas 15


backyard lighting ideas 16


backyard lighting ideas 17


backyard lighting ideas 18


backyard lighting ideas 19

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backyard lighting ideas 21


backyard lighting ideas 22


backyard lighting ideas 23


backyard lighting ideas 24


backyard lighting ideas 25

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Well, that is the list of best backyard lighting ideas that we have created just for you. They are designed in a very attractive way to brighten up your outdoor living space. Of course, you can use them as the ultimate reference to improve the decor and feature of your beloved backyard.

Creating the backyard lighting all by yourself is surely a good idea to keep in mind especially if you don’t have a lot of budgets when you have a plan to decorate your exterior area. You can use affordable materials and you won’t be bothered by tricky steps to make one of them. Moreover, you can also use some used stuff as the materials of your backyard lighting.

Just pick the best backyard lighting that really suits your needs and taste, then start decorating your very own backyard now!

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