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Above Ground Swimming Pool: 25+ Modern Designs To Steal

A swimming pool always becomes an interesting addition that you can keep in mind when you are about to improve your outdoor living space. It’s an awesome water feature which has become everyone’s favorite since a long time ago.

Once you add a swimming pool to your backyard, you will enhance its beauty and comfort at the same time. As you may have known, the pool will be a major focal point of an exterior area which grabs most attention. Then, you can enjoy an exhilarating aquatic recreation with your family and friends anytime.

Today, you can easily find tons of unique swimming pool design which totally blow your mind. They are designed in a very sophisticated style to bring the decor of your outdoor living space to a whole new level.

Instead of choosing a common in-ground swimming pool, the one with above ground design can be a good alternative to consider. It offers a more attractive overall look and easier to build.

Moreover, due to its more practical installation process, an above ground swimming pool is also more affordable when it comes to the cost. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, an above ground swimming pool is a much better option that you can keep in mind.

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For your inspiration, below we share some awesome above ground swimming pool design ideas that you can use as the ultimate reference when you have a plan to improve your own outdoor living space.

Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Ideas

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Natural Wood Design

An amazing above ground swimming pool which is surrounded by wood frame and large deck. It looks so beautiful with its natural wood finish. You can see that the pool comes with the built-in sitting area with simple minimalist design.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Modern Earthy Style

A sleek above ground swimming pool which is perfect to complement a home with minimalist design. Some earthy elements like wood steps, rocky planter, and some greeneries beautify the pool area which flows gorgeously with the outdoor surrounding.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Rustic Lap Pool

If you prefer to have a swimming pool for your fitness activity, a lap pool is a better option for you. This one is a lap pool with natural concrete frame which is built on a deck. It combines the modern and rustic style in one design which is so tempting to have.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Modern Container Pool


Shipping container swimming pool is one of the latest trend when it comes to above ground swimming pool design. In this idea, the small made of shipping container is installed close to the high-level patio with stylish decor. The pool adds another style and comfort to this outdoor living area at the same time.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Transparent Glass Pool


A very fascinating above ground swimming pool which is all made of glass. The pool is designed in simple minimalist shape with an additional deeper pool which even makes it look way more amazing. For sure, this kind of above ground swimming pool will turn your backyard to a dreamy land.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Modern Woody Pool

This modern above ground swimming pool looks so fabulous with wood which is used to build its frame and a small deck. The glass window is then installed on its front side which enhance its attractiveness. The grassfield which works as the backyard’s base complements the pool design in a very beautiful way.

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Above Ground Swimming Pool: Sophisticated Geometric Pool

The unusual design of this above ground swimming pool is totally mind-blowing. It comes with the built-in patio which works very well as the cozy sitting area.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Minimalist Lap Pool

A stylish lap pool with minimalist design for you who love simplicity. The pool is surrounded by concrete frame in natural finish which matches beautifully with the modern steel fence. On the corner of the pool, a small deck is built which is enough to handle two loungers.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Earthy Rocky Pool

A small above ground swimming pool which looks so attractive with its rocky frame. It’s built on a deck which creates a nice rustic overall look. The design of the pool beautifully complements the classic style of the house.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: All-White Modern Pool

A fabulous above ground swimming pool with white concrete and tile frame. It’s all-white overall looks makes it become an outstanding focal point on this earthy outdoor living space. You can see how those white gravels match beautifully with the style of the pool.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Small Chic Pool

For you who have an outdoor living space with limited space, this above ground swimming pool can be a good reference. The pool is built on square size with the white concrete frame which looks simply admirable.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Small Rustic Pool

Another small above ground swimming pool which is so inspiring to copy, and this one is designed in chic rustic style. Wood plank covers its concrete frame while the patio is finished in natural concrete look. Some stylish plants complete the decor which gives a more decorative touch in a natural way.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Woody Rock Pool

A simply beautiful above ground swimming pool with wooden frame which is surrounded by rocky element. Some trees and plantations then shade the pool area which enhance its comfort in a gorgeous way. A bench made of concrete completes the decor which fits the rustic nuance of the area whole provides cozy sitting area.

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Above Ground Swimming Pool: Gorgeous Earthy Pool

Here, the pool is surrounded by the deck which is built in similar height. The base of the pool is made of beige marble which then creates a stylish earthy nuance. Then, a brightly beautiful concrete patio in beige finish makes the area look way more attractive.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Square Wood Design

A square above ground swimming pool which looks so mesmerizing with the deck in glossy finish. It’s built with the steps in similar finish which enhance its beauty and comfort at the same time. The greeneries and flowers give a beautiful colorful touch to its decor.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Round Pool on Deck

A round simple above ground pool is built on the center of a spacious deck which both look and feel so inviting. Various kinds of greeneries and wood fence creates a nice earthy overall look that everyone will love.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Rocky Lap Pool

This lap pool looks so awesome with its rocky frame which matches very well with the design of the patio and fence. The pool looks striking on its grassfield base and greeneries which dominate this outdoor living space.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Unique Chic Pool

A catchy round pool with tiki decor which will make your backyard looks beautiful in a more distinctive way. The small bar with tiki umbrella works very well to be a cozy sitting area which is built so close to the pool.

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Above Ground Swimming Pool: Rustic Round Pool

Another gorgeous round swimming pool which is so worth to add to your inspiration list, and this one is decorated in rustic style. The frame of the pool is covered by huge rocks while the patio with brick base complete the area beautifully.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Greyish Small Pool

This round pool will beautify a backyard with minimalist decorating style due to its greyish overall look. The frame and steps are made of concrete block while the grey gravels decorate the pool’s surrounding. The color of the pool popped up gorgeously among those greeneries.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Rocky Custom Pool

A beautiful DIY above ground swimming pool which is simply decorated by rocks and wire rack. It’s definitely a good idea for you who want to have an above ground swimming pool that you can decorate all by yourself.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Unique Rustic Decor

Basically, it’s an above ground swimming pool which is then decorated with some bricks construction and plantations. The decor looks simply attractive that you can easily create.

Above Ground Swimming Pool: Stylish Earthy Pool

A round pool with wood frame which becomes a catchy focal point on its grass backyard.The deck is built close to the pool which becomes a convenient sitting area.

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So those are some amazing above ground pool ideas that we have picked just for you!


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